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I almost feel like I am being babysat.:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Regular notifications regarding a new order - OKAY I appreciate those – although I am responsible enough as a independent contractor/ freelancer to monitor my OWN orders…

But this reminder “Order due in less than 12 hours - Deliver NOW!!!” Like I should jump up from whatever I am doing, and get into a frenzy, because I have an order due in 12 hours - is unnecessary! NO- I’m not delivering NOW - I am sleeping, I am out with family, I am on the road, etc - BUT I am fully aware of when it’s due, thanks.:no_mouth::expressionless:

I could understand and appreciate these notifications, IF they were given maybe – 2 hours before the order was due. But incessant reminders up to 12 hours from delivery time, is a tad annoying and = phone volume off :zipper_mouth_face:



It would be great if they gave us an option to customize these annoying notification so that we could opt out if we wanted to :rofl:


Makes me wonder if whoever set up this notification ever tried to not just tell their partner, driving the car and sleeping at the traffic light, “Doesn’t get any greener” but also “Drive now:wink:

I prefer 12 hours to 2 hours by the way, but the “reminder” bit would suffice, I could do without the “Deliver now” indeed.

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Haha lol right! :joy:

Exactly, especially because some folks obviously do appreciate the reminders… As for me - I’m good without them! :no_mouth::expressionless: And truth be told, even if I turn my volume off - my vibrate is still on, so naturally I check regardless of what I am saying LOL (well… in my waking hours anyways!) because I don’t want my response rate to be affected… :no_bell:

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Oh, if you mean me with some folks, I don’t need them at all, it’s not as if I was ever late with a delivery before we got those notifications.
Just, as we get them anyhow, 2 hours would annoy me more than 12, because if I’d have forgotten about an order, 12 hours could give me at least a chance with some small enough orders to not be late, but 2 hours seem utterly useless to me, chances that I’m not even at my laptop or asleep and couldn’t do/send that forgotten order on time are much higher than with a 12-hour notification.

If there was a poll, I’d vote for ‘begone’; for me, personally, they are just a waste of time.

Folks in general -

I don’t forget about orders ever – because I can’t afford to have my analytics affected negatively - so I’d be good with a short 2 hour notification, if we must be reminded.

I think the annoyance level also increases with how many orders a person has in queue which obviously increases the number of notifications. So, you have new order notifications, messaging notification, and “Deliver Now!” notifications for orders due in 12 hours…

I’m good on that!

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