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My latest reseller experience

Today, I am frustrated, and the Ranting Pot is my place to vent.

I do translations, and plenty of my work comes from various resellers. I don’t generally mind it, because most resellers in translations to and from my language are fine, and some I really enjoy working with, some I’ve worked with a long time and I owe a lot of my fiverr success to them.

But there is one. Mostly, I get one specific client through this reseller, and on rarer occasions a few smaller projects. He’s friendly and all, although sometimes a bit pushy when I say I’m too busy. This last week hasn’t been so fun.

The problem, and I think that this is a problem with plenty resellers, is that he doesn’t seem to understand that while the company (a well-known one I won’t mention) is his client, my client is him, or his company. So while he tries to handle communication when I have questions, there are usually issues, and I have no idea if the company even understands my questions since the responses I get are often the kind you get from customer support, you know - they are sort of in the same ballpark of what I asked, but it’s clear only a few keywords were actually read and they’re just repeating the same thing over and over.

I have no idea what sort of service he is promising this other company, but I bet it includes proofreading. As anyone working as a translator, or writer, would know, it is very hard to do your own quality control of something, unless you had a week between finishing it, and proofing it (I do not have that amount time). So, of course, errors slip through. They happen. And this week the resller got back to me on a translation I did months ago. The text has been publishd on the company’s website since then. They had complaints, some big ones which weren’t valid, and some smaller ones that were. Like I said, errors slip through. They just do. (I should mention, that I do not include a perfect proof in any of my gigs, as I don’t think I should ever promise that. I promise to always check my work and fix errors that I can see, but mistakes just do happen when it’s my own text I just finished)

But this is of course all my fault. It’s not the company who should’ve hired a proof reader before publishing, and it’s not the reseller who should’ve done a quality check before turning my work over, but just mine. They accepted my counter claims that some of the complaints weren’t actual errors, but still. They sent another order, so I suppose they were pleased enough with that.

I’m not really looking for advice or pity here. I just can’t feel like the reseller has a bit more responsibility here than he is taking on.

Just needed to rant.


For this reason I do not work with resellers.