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My Latest Review Doesn't Change My Overall Rating

I am a new seller. So far I have got 4 orders. 1 was cancelled by the system because I didn’t check my Fiverr for a while. For that, I got 1 star. The other 3, I got 5 stars from 1 buyer. He is a repeat buyer. When I got my second 5 star, my rating was 73%, after getting the third 5 star, my rating hasn’t changed. And Fiverr says I have 3 reviews, 2 positives, 1 negative. I think by now it should be 3 positives and 1 negative.
When i open my gig, it shows all 4 reviews, but not in my profile. I need more than 73% positive rating to make a new offer.
Help please.


You have 3, 5 star and 1, 1 star rating then your Average rating should be 4.00 means 80%.

System not calculated your 1, 5star review therefor your average is shown as 3.7 (73%)

Contact CS again and explain them clearly.

Yeah, I guess that is the case. I have contacted CS. Hope to get the answer soon. Thanks :slight_smile:

You can also focus on getting more orders and 5 star reviews which will pull that rating up.

That’s why it’s so important to treat fiverr as a REAL business and provide amazing value and customer support.

Obviously, you might want to contact support to, as it does appear it should be closer to 80%.

The CS responded fast, but he didn’t talk about why my rating is not 80% yet. I am trying to promote my gig to get more sales. However, the 80% is my right. I worked hard to earn it.