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My Level 1 Fiverr Goal!


I’m setting a goal to achieve level 1 seller within 6 months of starting up Fiverr again (By July 1 as started in new year).

I am choosing this long as a teacher for a course I’m taking on Udemy took 4 months to reach $400 (level 2 seller as well, but this was before with easy requirements). I wanted to give myself a bit extra to not stress. This averages out to around an order of $5 every other day.

Please reply if you are setting a goal yourself, or are in the middle of one as we can support each other.

It’d be awesome if you could wish for me to achieve my goal, and I will do the same for you.



UPDATE: New goals set thanks to reading book summary of “The 10X Rule” and commentor below :slightly_smiling_face:

1 month 20 sales total (Avg $80)
2 month 50 sales total (Avg $200)
3 month 150 sales total (Avg $600)
6 month 400 sales total (Avg $1.6k)
1 year 1,000 sales total (Avg $4k 1st year)


I believe we both (and alot more people out there) share the same goal to reach a higher level on Fiverr, and it really warms my heart whenever I see someone successfully achieving it. At the same time it also gives me strength to keep on going and to get stronger!

The only difference is that I’m aiming to reach level 2 by the end of this year…since I know I still have a lot more to learn, so I have to set it according to my own logical timing.

So, good luck to you! And to everybody who comes across this post. All the best! Cheers~


ZacharyDScott, all the best wishes for you!

As I’m the one man army with limited skillset, it may take a very long years in run but I’m dreaming to be a TRS. Now I’m at Leven 2.


Zachary, this is very possible. I think 6 months is a very long time though to earn $400 and meet the other requirements.

I also considered selling seriously this January, and I am a few order’s shy from the Level one status.

You have a lot going for you as an editor and a proofreader - make use of that, have the $5gigs then have a couple at hundreds, trust me, in a month or two you will get someone buying that…like i said, make use of what’g going for you.

Grind and you won’t need luck.



Thanks for the feedback!

I’m in the middle of reading a book summary of “The 10X Rule”. I was on the fence about raising my goals a lot to put pressure on to achieve them. But now you’ve pushed me over to realize I can do it and I’ll be shortening more goals & will update this thread accordingly.

Also, how were you able to be just shy of level 1 seller after starting seriously in January? What methods did you take to advertise your gigs?

Thank you so much!



Hey Zach,

From the online reviews, The 10X Rule book must be a good read. On goals, they should actually do that, just enough pressure to keep you going and not to burn you out.

> Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the *stars *.

How I was able to, huh.

If you look at the goals to get to level one, there are those that are defined by the time you are on the platform as a seller, On 1st January when I decided to give this a real shot, I had almost achieved almost all the time-based goals.
I’ve been on Fiverr for 3years now, mostly on the buying end, last year in January I created a gig to just get a feel of how this worked, well, I never got even one view for 12 months…lol.

So when got serious only 2 goals were/are left. Earnings and Orders. As at today, I am $25 away from the $400 target. And 4 orders. If you see something here, I have a few orders, but they quite gave me mileage to the $400 target.

The other part, buyers are real people, and people are people. They literally don’t trust new sellers. When I was a buyer, if the budget wasn’t an issue, I never bought from anyone below a certain level or had a certain number of reviews. New buyers prefer to buy from validated sellers, repeat buyers, are most times loyal, they tend to drink from the same well…creatures of habit you know.

So, what does a new seller do, you fight for crumbs from the buyer request section. Offer ridiculously low rates, your concern at the moment shouldn’t be money, which is a good thing about your 10x1 target. It is to get validated by the kind of reviews you get.

Fall in love with that page, dream about it…when you see something you can do, read it and only apply when you are sure you can do it, that will help you to craft a thoughtful response to the request. Something most guys don’t do. Yesterday I posted a buy request, trust me out of the 15 guys who responded only 2 read my request, I think. You know whom I went with.

The other buyers came from my social media and my blog efforts I believe. And that’s going to be my focus to get to level two.


Thank you so much for giving me this detailed response. I will you good luck with your Fiverr career.