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My Level 2 100% Rating Account Banned


Hello fiverrs.

I hope everybody is good. Here is my banned story about my fiverr account.

I am level seller with 100% rating ( maintain very hardly from past 9 months ). I make a new account of my mother but that one was blocked by fiverr. After 1 month of that account suddenly I realize that I am not getting messages and new orders. Everyday, I got many messages and new orders but from past 8 days I was not getting any.

I submit a ticket to fiverr support team. A fiverr team member respond me after one day and said due to violation of TOS your account is disabled in our fiverr search system.

Now, This is very hard for me to start from new account and with new internet connection. I just want to contact fiverr team here to resolved my issue with my account.

At least give us one warning before banning our gigs from fiverr search. Here on fiverr everybody gets order from fiverr search system not from outside of the fiverr.

Its my request to fiverr team to reinstate my account.




hello, sorry to hear,

but may i know how many accounts you are operation totally?

if you was using multiple accounts, then according to fiverr terms and guidelines your main account and also another associated account will be banned.

fiverr only allow one account for each new or old users.

hope you understand !! thanks


Dear Webexpert1313, I only operate one single account. I even didn’t make a gig on second one because that one blocked before making gig.


Hello there

I am here to discuss my problem here. I was a seller here on fiverr and started working in may or april 2015. I created an account but I had to delete it because of a reason. Then after few days, I created another account and after very hard struggle I managed to get my first order and soon I was a good success at fiverr and became able enough to earn some money for myself. I worked for almost 5 months and then my father passed away and wasn’t stable enough to work. I cancelled the orders in queue and set at vocation mode.

After few days I got an email from fiverr that you are not suited for level 1 status and your badge is being taken away. Very second day,I got another email from Fiverr that your account is being deleted for violation of terms of service as you have multiple accounts. I got really upset with it. I contacted customer support and told them many times that I never had more than one account at one time, my ist one was deleted by me and I never meant to fraud or misguide anyone in community. I implored to restore my account as I really burnt my mid night oil to develop reputation as a seller and gained 5 star reviews throughout. they always replied bluntly to never restore my account. I remained totally shattered as I have no job at hand and passing through difficult time of my life where I have to support my family and fiverr was a hope. I never used more than one account at a time and asked them to at least give me a proof that I did anything wrong.

I now being extremely tired after making many apologizes to fiverr team have left the hope of gaining that account back. But I am here to know is it possible that fiverr team may allow me to have a fresh beginning and run my new account?

thank you


How many accounts do you have?

Maybe you should just have one?


and what others?


I had just one in past. that was deleted by fiverr team, I created this one to contact them, I had no other option or way to contact them. These psdwriter etc does not belong to me. I have put a question that can fiverr allow me to run one account now or will they delete me, I have asked for permission. thank you


:wink: You wouldn’t have this kind of problem if you would follow the terms of service but you will not.


thank you misscrystal for your replies.

I am extremely contrite for mistake, I just want to know can Fiverr team give me the permission to have a new beginning as a seller?


scary story tho


I love Fiverr,sorry to hear about your bad experience.
Can someone tell me all the laws which I have to follow to not to get my account banned ever?
TOS in nutshell for sellers?
Thanks in advance,


Just read the actual ToS. No one can tell you anything better than that. This thread is very old, so there is no need to leave it open.

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