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My Level has not been downgraded?

Hey Due to a severe flu, I had to stop for a few weeks. As a result, I canceled many orders.

The result was a downgrade from level 2 to level 1. -> ok.

Because of the Corona Virus I had some sales losses. This also means - no new orders - no opportunity to improve the rating. Also OK.

Now I see that I am still level 1, even though I should have been downgraded to level 0. (The next evaluation period is already on - May 15th)

I’m happy, although I don’t give much on the levels, but I would be interested to know whether who was not downgraded despite stats below 90%?


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Ah! If you interested to know, who was upgraded? Then, I wasn’t. :smiley:

I don’t really care about levels. I am in a very strong niche where there is only one whole page. I am always on page 1.

That is why I am very relaxed with canceled orders. The seller becomes rude? Cancellation.

He wants something extra? Cancellation.

I do not care. But I’m simply interested in the not happened downgrade.

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As your Analytics page clearly shows, anyone whose green Analytics bars fall below 90% will be demoted – if those bars remain there on the 15th of every month. There is no one who has not been downgraded while below 90% on their metrics.

Believe me or not. Don’t know why I am still level 1.