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My level one badge is gone

i hvae got good sales and good reviews too. I am eligible for level 2 according to fiverr rules. But dont know why my level 1 status is gone. I think it is for asking the customer’s login details which contains there email address. What can i do here? Any suggestion? How many days it will take to get it back?

if your badge is gone then it means that there is a report against you, you will need to contact cs to find out what happened

They are not sharing the reason

Just looked at your Gigs, you have already got over 150 reviews and joined only in February, 2016 - that must be some sort of a record on Fiverr. Keep up the good work and you will get your badges back. Obviously you are talented and provide a unique service.

Talk to Customer Support and discuss the scope of your gig and what stuff you need to discuss with the buyer. The system may have just triggered it as asking email address is against Fiverr’s ToS.

Maybe there is a bug, instead of upgrade they did downgrade. I had that bug too before. I was level 1, made enough sales for level 2, but I lost level 1. After I contacted them about why they removed my level 1, they promoted me to level 2.

they are saying that it is a system generated process and as i am new to fiverr i dont know much about it. My 2 months is not completed, should i be eligible for the level 2

You need to be a member for at least two months to be eligible. Wait for two months to get over, you will get your level 2 upgrade. I did not get mine, I raised a ticket and they upgraded my level after that.
Wish you all the best !

It must be for the reason you said, asking for the email address. Any details that would allow you to contact a buyer outside of fiverr would be a reason to take the badge away.
Did you explain that you are working on websites and need that?

I’m not sure why actually you would need their email address. Is there a way to work on people’s sites without asking for that? If so that should be done. Or you can ask customer support how you can do this work and still follow the rules.

You are doing fantastic. I think you will get your badge back soon.

Sometimes system has bugs, like what was my case before.

But if you are saying that 2 months are not completed yet, then as richard said, you should wait for 2 months to get over.

Thank you misscrystal,
But i need the admin login details of the sites in which i have to work which contains there email and password. I really appreciate the fiverr community that they are helping my out. I will wait for 2 months and then ask the fiverr support about my badge.