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My life is FINISH!

I had a gig with whom I could support my family!
I could bear all the expenses!
All my buyers were happy!
Why was it canceled? I worked with this gig for a year !!!
Fiverr has created a big problem with this action!


Sorry this happened to you!

Can you show us the gig along with the picture and description so we can see a reason for this possibly?


sorry this happen to same

please show the picture and description of your gig

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What did your service consist of, exactly?

I just said that but I guess it was just a coincidence you said it too? Honestly, why copy what someone else just said? :rage:


unfortunately they have deleted everything! I can not recover!
I’m focusing on musical promotion!

my work is Music promotion!

Was it the Spotify gig? Did you use their logo? I would love to know what it was for.

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Yes, I realize that. But what exactly do you do? “Music promotion” says 0. What exactly, step by step, do you do? Do you spam pages with links? Do you have a huge following on social media? What are people buying when they buy your gigs?

am not coping any one i agree perfectly with on the suggestion misscrystal

@yaaemelia You did copy me. Can’t you think of your own things to say? Is it that hard?


Eish, how aggressive. Couldn’t it be that she was writing and didn’t see what you said?


Sorry you are right …
for example, I get a video to promote. With my gig I promoted music video through my music blog, sharing it with all of my email contacts (Artists, Labels and Music lovers).
In addition to this I could create a Website for all the artists who required it.
I’ve worked hard with this gig.

What did you have as video / image for the gig?

if i do copy you as you claim then am sorry misscrystal thank you

Yes I’m sure that’s it :wink: Or maybe she is an intuitive psychic and even though she never saw what I wrote she without realizing it wrote what I wrote by picking up my exact thoughts.

And you would never be so aggressive would you?


I had a only image…

Sorry this happen to same.

Please show the picture and description of your gig. :slight_smile:


There are people willing to believe anything xD

In my case, if somebody copied my thoughts on the forum, I would be more flattered than anything. More weight to my opinion!

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Huh, sorry to hear that. I absolutely agree with CS to remove all gigs which are against ToS, but I also believe CS team should think twice and contact seller before removing a gig (at least for those with seller 2 badge and up), because I think they don’t really realize how much they can influence someones life…

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