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My life is FINISH!

I do not think…

My gig I did was check to be sure it was all right!

Did you use a logo of Spotify? Or a slogan?

No i used only a simple text and some free images

Maybe those images were not so free as you thought. :wink:

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All image were FREE!
I create all gig image by myself

This might be the reason:

I will post your music on many groups ,pages and communities of FACEBOOK

Facebook has gotten very serious about people doing this. They do their own advertising and this is direct competition with that.

People need to be aware of other websites and what they object to on their sites. FB probably has people going through this site looking for things like this.


contact customer support and get it sorted out

Exactly! Facebook hates spamming, people often complain. Sometimes I comment as a Facebook page, and people accuse me of spamming. Ironically, I never promote my own products, I just participate in the conversation.


There are gigs that anger the big shots: Facebook, Amazon, etc.
Fiverr doesn’t fight the big shots.

If your gig had been about writing a viral Facebook post, that doesn’t bother Facebook.
But because you’re spamming, that bothers Facebook and that’s why they complain.

Now if you had a Facebook page about music and agreed to share music there for a price, Facebook is OK with that. Of course, for you to get orders, that page is going to need a lot of likes.

Suffice to say, create some new gigs and try to make sure they don’t bother the big shots.


i looked at a cached copy of your gig and found the same thing mentioned by @misscrystal. The part that says “I will post your music on many groups ,pages and communities of FACEBOOK” would upset the staff at Facebook. They do not want Fiverr sellers to offer to spam Facebook for a fee and they do complain to Fiverr when they find out about it.

Fiverr likely received a complaint from FB (3rd party company/site) and your gig was removed. You probably need to avoid any mention of doing promotions on large social media sites. You also had a FAQ about likes/follows and that could have been a second reason for the ban.

Edited to add: You were also using the image below as a gig image and it appears to be owned by Octopus Digital Strategy. You can’t use images from other sites like that.


I find this title disgusting: “My Life is FINISH”. Your life is never finished. There are soldiers who lose arms and legs while on duty and yet carry on bravely and courageously. You say your life is finished because of something that happened on an online freelancing platform. That is disgusting. You will always find a way, life is never finished till God decides it is. Life is a gift from God, don’t trivialize it in this manner.


Sorry this happened to you!

which one is correct ? your gig is finish or your life is finish ?
Maybe you could contact fiver support to solve your gig.

:rofl: omg misscrystal :rofl:

I think yes, that’s the problem, fb ( censored ) shut down all spammed posts ( I think )

I think it’s not the logo, some of users use AI. Photoshop and CorelDraw logos and they’re fine.

if somebody copied your thought, it might be you’re AwesomE :rofl:

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Agreed! Never give up. Everyone went through these hardships


May be this will help as i also faced the similar situation. However, i got back my gig! Gig deleted because of 3rd Party Claim then Again restore!

It not always fiverr get complained from 3rd party which ask to take down some one gig. it fiverr editor team do when they think a gig might violated a 3 party TOS. Hope, it will helps.


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