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My life is FINISH!

Did you already ask Fiverr why they did it? In case you didn´t yet, it might be a good idea to do it, I´d recommend less ??? and !!!, though. :wink:
Talking to them in a sensible way might either lead to your gig being reinstated (it happened for some sellers) if it was a mistake on their side and not from yours, or at least you´ll know what the problem was, so you won´t repeat it. We can guess and commiserate, but we can´t with certainty tell you why Fiverr did what they did, only Fiverr/Customer Support can.

Sorry to hear this and good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


I enlarged the text @matteo89 got from Fiverr. It said they had a 3rd party complaint saying he was infringing on their intellectual property. Perhaps Fiverr could let him know what part of his gig did that so he could rewrite his gig leaving the 3rd party intellectual property out.


I edited the text of my gig with a fiver editor!
I do not understand this block!
I had +850 positive feedback!

Have you contacted CS to ask why it was banned?

I just wrote to them!
Hope for the best!

I just wrote to them!

When you get a reply, please share if you can. I’m quite curious as to what might have caused this…

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This is thread is cursed.


Thank you so much for listening to me!

Your information from Fiverr said there was a 3rd party complaint about you using a 3rd party’s intellectual property. Did you copy an image off the web that was copyrighted? Did you use a group’s music without permission?

It does not make any difference how many positive feedbacks you have or if it was Fiverr editor approved. When someone said you took their property without permission, Fiverr has no choice but to block your gig.

My gig is all OK!
The description of this gig was created with a fiverr editor support.
My work is promote songs!
Promoted with my BLog… I don’t see copyright problem

Your life is finished because of a Fiverr Gig? Wow! Life is what you make of it, have backup plans in place… Tomorrow is never promised. I really think the gig in question is toast :bread:. Fiverr wouldn’t send that notice by mistake.


I was working all day to fiverr!
My salary takes it from my job on fiverr.

Did you read this? It seems well explained to me. I am sorry for your loss of income. But maybe CS can help you figure what you need to drop from the gig so you can still sell from it.

I am quite sure that your gig is your responsibility, not an editor or staff member.
A staff member would assume that you would not infringe third party copyright in your gig and if you did then they would not know. When the third party tells CS then the gig gets banned.

I did not violate anything! I have never received “alerts”. My job is to promote the artists!
I do not understand where and how I was wrong!

May be you promoted something which contained any content which was violation of copyrights… now you didn’t do anything wrong on your part but you were part of violation… is it possible…?

Neither do I but I was just pointing out that just because a Fiverr editor saw it, it does not mean that there was nothing wrong.

I do not think…

My gig I did was check to be sure it was all right!