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My little fiverr story :D


My Experience With Fiverr

I joined Fiverr approximately 1 months ago. Since then, I have earned 5$ in total revenue ( Don't laugh :D ) First I Created a gig called ' I Will create a professional logo ...' the next day Someone bought , and I Does he's orders in 15 minutes ... check the results :
I was very happy For my first Sell on fiverr :D but now I Try so hard to share my gigs , and without any results :( .
Sorry for my english , I'm french


Hhhhhhh @Princemaxx Ok :smiley: thank you for the comment :smiley:


Welcome to fiverr. Just remember to never give up :slight_smile: you will start getting lots of orders very soon


Reply to @shawnecannon: thank’s <3 , I appreciate it :smiley: And I hope that will be very soon :slight_smile:


Reply to @amineiglesias: Your welcome. I was in the same boat but i stuck with it and now im getting around 2-5 orders a day


Get a profile picture, a goat doesn’t look very appealing.

Also, nice work! We’re on the same boat :smiley:


Welcome !


Reply to @ozzieuk: thank you :slight_smile:

princemaxx said: a goat doesn't look very appealing.

It does to the right kind of animal or ...even the right kind of person (or maybe the 'wrong' kind).

Also, I think it's a sheep.

AND, all that being said, you're correct, get a profile pic.


Reply to @anarchofighter: Lol , Done with the Profil pic :smiley: