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My Lockdown goes well! Thanks to Fiverr

I hope everyone who’s reading this, is in safe and sound in this Covid situation. Well so we all are going through a really rough time for last 6-7 months for the COVID pandemic situation. I used to do Freelance as a part time basis and used to teach in institutions, but in March everything suddenly got closed in India, for the Disaster of COVID-19, it was a really tough time here, then I decided to do freelancing for full time as there’s nothing to do in the lockdown period and all the office and schools were temporarily closed. At first I thought to complete a small goal of crossing 100 orders in 5 months, I worked hard in my room and somehow I really enjoyed that, and I analyst that in 5 months I crossed a lot more than 100 orders, In lockdown period where the earnings were so tough that time Fiverr helps me to go on. My Lockdown period goes quite well and I helped my family with my earnings. As sitting lazily doing nothing and hoping for when this pandemic will over ,I think it’s better to do productive things and make a growth in both mentally and wealthily.

Here’s some tip how you can spend your time in Home doing productive things:-

  1. Make a schedule of your daily works and don’t postponed it, do it everyday basis
  2. Wake up early and do some meditation
  3. Work seriously for your earnings
  4. Do Free-Hand exercise
  5. Read some good books
  6. Don’t skip your meals and try to eat healthy
  7. Spend some quality time with your Family and pets.

That’s it!!! It just a point of view of the girl who really enjoyed this Lockdown period without breaking down.
and once again Thank you Fiverr!!!