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My Logo designing skills are dying on fiverr!

Poor Man Taking :: My logo designing skills are dying on fiverr because its to hard to get a order specially for new logo designers. Top sellers eating all the fish and new designers like me are dying to see a single order notification.I tried everything even my services are better then Top sellers I provide extra high quality work in cheap price but still no response.Please give me some tips this is my full time job and i don’t want to die with hunger !!

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify what you offer, and where you offer it. If freelance work is your career, don’t offer your services just on Fiverr. Build a website for yourself where you can promote and sell your work. Contact local businesses (where you live), and offer your services. Find other places where people need your services.

If you rely only on Fiverr, and the competition in the Fiverr marketplace is too competitive, you could lose if your gigs don’t catch on. Take responsibility for your own success. Branch out. Don’t expect Fiverr buyers to make you a top logo artist.

Competition is part of any business – even in freelance/contract work. Find ways to rise above the competition. Don’t expect the competition to do that for you.

  1. Don’t use the word “cheap” in your gig title.
  2. Show some original sample work, not a bunch of collage.
  3. Yes experienced sellers with high rankings will get the most of the work, that’s how it works. No one is here to teach you, every buyer wants to get the work done without hassle and having good ratings guarantee it.

I agree.

Thanks !