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My Logo gig is disabled and I didn't get the answer why? mabe you could help me?


Maybe the shortened url to your pinterest page was the reason, other than that i can’t see anything that could be interpreted as a rule violation. Have you contacted support?

Reply to @mgjohn78: Yes I contacted with costumer service and get this message from Shaena “I’m forwarding this request directly to our content editors so that we can get a clearer idea of why your gig didn’t pass our editors review.” I used short link to pinterest in my description taken from google and in pinterest I have a sector where I promoting my gig there is only about fiverr and the link directed to fiverr no other links I don’t have other accounts in other marketplaces I’m designing only on fiverr, I can do that but I don’t and I never promote other site on fiverr I think here is some personal reason I don’t see any other variants!