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My Logo looks exactly the same from somewhere!

Hi All, I recently opened a new Laundromat, and so I got to design a logo for me. Business has started, but guess what, I found another business of the same nature with exactly the same logo!

What should I do about this! The following is my logo.

And this is what I found online! The logo is identical, just a little different in color that’s all.

Can Fiverr help here?


Contact the seller and ask him about it. If he copied it ( which i think he does if the ones you show has started their business before you) , then submit a ticket to customer support and edit his review or ask for refund.

P.S Remove the user name or else it will get flagged.


Thanks for the feedback. But now, other than a refund, it is costing me my business’s reputation, because it is growing with franchisees.

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I don’t think you can do anything about it. Perhaps go with another one and change the logo.

OMG. Literally thousands have been spent on ads, collaterals, campaigns already. Should the person be removed off fiverr?

I can’t give an answer about that. Contact Customer support and tell them your situation.

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Will do. Thank you so much!

Hello Justin,
I am sorry this happened to you but there is nothing anyone on the Forum can do for you.
You should contact customer support and report the seller including the evidence you have to support your claims.


Yup, Doing so right now, just wanna find out if anyone has similar encounters before and what happened.

I am sure it has happened before but we don’t hear about what happens afterwards.

Sorry, what self promotion? Not promoting myself in anyway, just giving users an idea on what’s happening.

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That was not about you. Someone else was promoting themselves

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O. okok. Thanks for that too.

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I suggest you hire another seller to change your logo to make it different from another company .

Problem is thousands have been spent to market it. It’s not as easy as changing it like that.

This logo was designed by ninisdesign for a private company, as you can see here.

I would advise you to immediately stop using this logo or you may end up in legal trouble.

Professional exclusive logos cost over $100. Majority of logos on fiverr are either ripped off from logo sites or are resold. So you can’t really build a brand on logos bought on fiverr.


@justinkon @nabeel5 is right… Getting into a legal trouble would be worse than the cost on your advertisement.


Is that included in Fiverr Terms? If you do a google search, which I did on that logo, you can’t find much about it at all.

Yes. I didn’t pay 5 bucks for it. I paid way more than that. Yes, about a $100

Google is not very accurate for finding similar images if there are difference in colors, size etc. I’ve been in this industry far too long to know how content/graphic rippers work. All I did was search for “laundry logo png” on google images and found this logo in under 1 minute.