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Hi all,
I started Fiverr a few weeks ago because I needed to make some extra cash.I thought Fiverr was the best place to sell my services. But I have had one problem; I cant get any sales. I know Fiverr is a very over-saturated market but I thought I might of made at least a few sales here-and-there. So I came here to advertise my services.

If you need a logo please choose mwlogodesign on Fiverr. I won’t do you wrong!
Link to my gig


Well to be honest right now your gig doesn’t speak like you have “a lot of experience with logo design”.

Your main image is a low quality image, blurry and not really attractive. On the second page you have just a bunch of Pizza Hut and other big companies logos
(Which you didn’t design and actually fiverr can close your gig for copyright infringement). And third page with the same simple logo from the first page.

So why would someone will order logos from you if you chowcased someone else’s work and none of yours, and the only thing that depend to you is a low quality thing?

As you said fiverr is super competitive and you wouldn’t get orders without even investing time in designing YOUR OWN gig.


thanks for feedback
I will improve on that

I must have uploaded the wrong files (I did not know it was that glitchy :sweat_smile: