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My main acc. permanently disabled for 2 acc. creations - BUT I NEVER CREATED TWO!

Hi everyone,

As a last resort, I am creating this post…

My main Fiverr account by username: manish30885 was permanently disabled as on July 4th 2017 (2 days ago). The reason for disabling my account was given to be “multiple account creations” WHICH IS A TOTALLY BASELESS CLAIM. :angry:

I immediately contacted Fiverr support regarding the same and told them that I never created two accounts here on Fiverr so why they think that I created any??

It’s so unfair to just disable my account permanently due to the reasons that is not even true… they strip me of level 1 status… cancel my client order (which I got after a long wait) and give me this good news that my account is gone forever?? … not to mention I had money in my account too which was under process. But I don’t care about few dollars but I really do for all the hard work and time I invested in building my account upto level 1 status with great client feedback…


I won’t settle for this horrendous approach by Fiverr to just ban sellers accounts for no valid reasons… I deserve to be treated better… in fact any seller who does honest and hard work on Fiverr deserves to know the valid reason for their sudden account closure.

I urge you all to kindly tag the Fiverr support staff in this post so that I can seek justice and hopefully get my main account restored back to normal or else give me the right to open a new account and continue to work on Fiverr… I am ready to start working from ground up because I believe in my abilities and talents and I will catch up to my earlier status in no time

I had to create this account just so that I am able to log into the Fiverr Forum and make this post.

For proof, I am including screenshots of my conversation with the Fiverr support. I will blur out the names in case if it’s not allowed to be disclosed.


Now it’s not :slight_smile:

Your mail to Support is too rough. You should be polite while you making conversation with support.
I really feel bad for you. You can try on other marketplace. Good Luck :slight_smile:


oh, is that so??

didn’t you read the post, as I said, I am compelled to create this account because I cannot login to my main account to let my voice heard in the forums.

Secondly, what you think how more “polite” the seller can be to the support?

Did I use any words which is against their ToS??

if you face this situation yourself, you’ll understand better.

Getting angry won’t rectify the problem mate. If you truly haven’t broken any of Fiverr’s ToS, I’m sure if you politely ask them to review it again and they will reactivate your account.


and really only CS can help you, not any of us. So creating an account to “let my voice heard” is just grandstanding on your part.


okay. thank you. I will send them another message today for reconsidering this decision.

and yes, I haven’t broken their ToS at all as far as multiple account creation is concerned. So I don’t feel guilty rather I am upset… as I lost my 1 year of hard work and also client base.

Hello there! I remember you :slight_smile:

Support are the only ones that can help.

Unfortunately, we’re just regular Fiver members just like you.

If you feel their claim isn’t true politely reply with proof. Any kind of proof can help with your situation.

Best of luck.


I remember you too :slight_smile:

You commented on my post that day regarding apologies for possibly hurting me by your comments… which obviously wasn’t true :slight_smile:

You’re a good and understanding guy. I respect you. (unlike others who are filled with ego and feel like they are the “big guys” who shouldn’t be messed with)

btw, I am not sure what “proof” I will be needing so that they believe I didn’t had any multiple accounts?

Aren’t they supposed to investigate that since it’s their system?

I can only request them to restore my account (which I requested) and I can create a post like this to let my issues known further…

I’m here on the forums to help and to learn.

The forum is an open space and anyone and everyone is welcome!

I wish you the best of luck.

My suggestions on moving forward:

a) Try sort your issues with Support

  1. Delete all your active accounts.
    2. Start fresh and reopen a brand new account.
  2. (If you’re a seller) Setup amazing gigs.
    4. Build a social media presence.
  3. Become even better at what you do.
    6. Apply to become a PRO!

Can you provide them with screenshots showing no other usernames in your browser, search history etc.

Well, I suppose they did do that and found something…

Let us know how it plays out!


I find this comment amusing. Because it is 100% false. I can’t speak to Fiverr’s actions, other that to say that they don’t take that kind of action unless there is reason to do so. Clearly, they saw reason to take action.

However, your claim that, “I never created two accounts here on Fiverr” is completely false because you HAVE created at least a second account on Fiverr – you’re using it right now to post here on the forums. So… your argument is baseless, because, if you didn’t have two accounts before, you do now. And your posting here on the forums with this second account proves that Fiverr did the right thing – you DO have two accounts on Fiverr. Therefore, Fiverr’s action against you has been proven to be accurate and appropriate.


Ok, forgetting about the two accounts thing for a moment.
Your screenshot shows you saying that you were told your account was suspended for spamming.
How is anything else relevant?
It’s probable that the CS agent from the screenshot saw that you were contacting them from a different account to the one you were talking about and just assumed that was the issue. Either way, it is irrelevant to the situation.
The account was disabled for spamming.

Do note that Fiverr staff don’t monitor the forum really and don’t seem to respond to being tagged on posts.
If you believe you have a case then you should either continue with the ticket system, email or take the advice of @thecreativeguys and learn a very harsh lesson. Those really are your options.

I hope you get something sorted out.


Excuse me but think before what you speak Mr. @jonbaas. Your judgment is 101% COMPLETELY FALSE AND GUESS WHAT, I HAVE A PROOF.

But I don’t see that you realize it do you? Please check my account creation date if you can and tell me whether I had this account prior to the time when my main account was up and running.

I created this account just today after my main account was disabled “permanently”. Got it sir?

Moreover, Fiverr itself send me this message as shown below in screenshot. (Basically I was told that I can kiss my older account goodbye forever but Fiverr still has some heart left and wants me to succeed in here thus allowing me to “return” back again)

enough said :slight_smile:

Jon didn’t say you had it BEFORE, he just states that by creating another account you’ve proved them right and now have two accounts. Anyway, the screenshot states your account was zapped for spamming.


You should never be mean to Support - after all it is up to them to decide whether your account will be restored back or not.

Someone obviously used your IP to make another account.

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You got pretty lucky. If CS had seen your thread here, they might have decided otherwise. There is no need for this second account now, so it needs to be closed. That will be done for you on the forum.


Oh! Best wises for you :heartbeat: