My Main Gig Has Disappeared


I did some Editing to my Main Gig and I cannot find it in Search. Is anyone having this problem?


Yep all because of the new algorithm


Did you get the problem solved?


It can take up to 48 hours for a gig to return to search once it has been edited.

As it gets manually reviewed by Fiverr editors.


It can take up to 48 hours even if it is minor changes?


If its a minor enough, it won’t get removed from the search page. If it did, then it is not considered minor.


I edited 10 of mine today, and they’re gradually coming back into the search. There’s the odd one that seems to get stuck, and if it doesn’t come back after a week or so, I ask CS to kick the server, and they get it back for me!


I hope my Main Gig will come back quickly


My Main Gig has returned, I now understand it was the algorithm testing. My Main Gig is still not where it was, however I am hoping it will return to page 1 or 2 and my orders will start coming in again.