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My main gig is gone from search tab


My main gig is gone from search tab. Why? Because I have changed my description wich is true? With my help people raised more than 200.000$ at kickstarter gofundme and indiegogo. I got almost 100% rating of this gig. I have also few times reviewed some of customer campaigns. I have mentioded do not recommend you to waste money (reasons) - money word. I had warning but I thought it wont be bad thing. I have logout and try to search, but without any luck. I was also in top 10 in all search tab of fundraising, kickstarter, indiegogo, gofundme. I even asked them week ago to be featured on fiverr site since I had volume of quality sales and positive reviews. I have started to build office in our house, but now I will be out of my business. Is there any chance to fix this? Or is just a bug at the moment?

Please answer me ASAP!

http://■■■■■■/mQ2SFi my gig

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Karim Zidaric