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My Main Gig went to ZERO IMPRESSIONS a day!

Do you know why is this happening. This month I became Level 1 seller. I was hoping that sales will increase but no, just opposite happened?

Neither I changed my price??so what could be the reason with this.

I contacted customer support but no one is replying :pensive:

Here is the gig:

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Maybe the Algorithm pushed you in the back, who knows. I’ve been removed from Fiverr search since the beginning of November… so the algorithm can easily change your positioning.

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I dont know when i will be back in searches?

Try to share your link in social media…

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I think this is the only thing i can do.

Provide your gig via social media.

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thankyou! verymuch, i will do that!

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I see on your gig performance graph that there’s a solid dot right before the impressions drop to 0. Was that when you hit level 1, or did you make a change to your gig?

I know customer support sometimes experiences delays, so continue to be patient and check your impressions again in another day or two to see if it’s corrected itself. I recently experienced the same glitch, where my gig was showing 0 impressions suddenly, but naturally the glitch fixed itself the minute I opened a support ticket for it. LOL


I update the gig description and added some more text to it, hoping that gig will went up after updating! as this is not the first time i am facing this trouble!!!

If you didn’t get a notification on your gig that says it’s being reviewed by Fiverr, and it’s been a few days without a reply from customer support, you might give the customer support thread you opened up a very polite bump. I know the delay can be frustrating.

Also, speaking from experience, keep that screenshot you posted and be sure to include it in your customer support ticket. I always forget to take screenshots when I need to open up tickets, and they ALWAYS ask for one. :rofl:


I had put that screenshot in the ticked that i send few days ago.