My main selling gig was denied without any reason


I can’t understand about this issue…

My main gig got 1450+ Positive feedback with 5.0 Star overall rating…I changed only gig image in my main selling gig on 2017-12-09 but suddenly my gig was denied without any reason ( )
i did’t do any potential violation…please help me…how to resolve this issue???


This is weird. Normally CS always mentions at least globally why a gig was denied. Never heard that they sent a message saying “We denied your gig for no reason.”



there is not reason…


Indeed the reason has been left empty,
However, they are weeding out gigs that offer back links, first page ranking etc.

Before you ask why the others are still on-line: they haven’t been under the radar yet. At the time you updated it you served it on a silver platter.


i can’t understand what is going next…


i did’t do any issue against rule…this is not fair…please help me


There is nothing we can really do, we are just users of the site as well. If they denied your gig, it is impossible for them to reinstate it. I’d say cut your losses and make a new gig.


thx for comment,comment will help to make my hurt…thx again



Why don’t you complain this issue to Fiver Customer support

If there is any reasons they will let you know or if it is removed by an error they can help you


I already contacted…they told about potential violation of a third party’s Terms of Service…This is not fair…i did’t do any potential violation of a third party’s Terms of Service…because i only changed gig image…All my dream lost at this time…i can’t understand how to say potential violation of a third party’s Terms of Service…i told checkout my gig history…but fiverr customer support no any sense…


The image did you get it off google or is it one of your own, if its not your own image that you own copyright to then it has violated services. Fiverr say: ‘Don’t use stock images or other people’s work if you don’t have usage rights. Not only could you be prosecuted, but it’s just uncool’.

If it is your own image, then contact them again and say this is not acceptable I was not given a fully informative reason to why my gig was denied.

Here is info on gig images that you can check out to see what might have went wrong:


Contact fiverr support and know the reason why this is happened.


May I know the title of your GIG?


GIG TITTLE—boost first page ranking high pr SEO backlinks

I need to inform about My service i offer over a year Now . and got Banned My gig without any reason , when i ask
fiverr cs inform me its third party violation and here is no way to happen it as its seo link building service ,
i got banned my 2 gigs that has 1000+ reviews 5 star rating always buyer satisfied with my service .
i kindly ask to review my service again . also need to say i will always respect to fiverr Tos , This is second time that happen
and i only did update my gig image to 2018 seo related , Thats all what i did .


Thanks for idea…it will useful…


boost first page ranking high pr SEO backlinks


When you get a warning over a backlink gig, the third party that caused the violation is usually Google. There have been many SEO link building gigs denied over Google issues and all you will receive from Fiverr is the third party violation notice. I am not an expert in page ranking but I do know there are some practices that break Google rules, so when Fiverr catches them (which can take a long time or be caught after you update a gig) the gig is denied.


They didn’t mention copyright infringements, but violation of this party TOS.
My guess is the ‘the first page in the search results’ promise.


Google do not complain about anything. They just drop you in a hole so deep you don’t see the bottom. If Google complained there would be NO SEO gigs for offsite SEO because doing that is mostly against Googles official guidelines. Google couldn’t care less what people do. Their algorithm and manual penalties take care of that. I’m with @mariokluser on this and think its making ridiculous statements about first page rankings. People are doing this without even seeing websites, keywords or competition. For all they know the site has been penalized. I’m fed up with people sending me messages asking me how much to get on the first page of Google and then telling me xyz seller promised it after I have explained why a guarantee like that is not possible.


That might be true, I don’t sell that sort of thing, but I know that Google is usually the implied 3rd party when a backlink gig is denied for that. The OP seemed to think there was no way to violate a 3rd party ToS with an SEO gig and I’m sure Fiverr would say otherwise.

Could be exactly that. Regardless, I’d say the gig is toast.