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My main selling gig was denied without any reason


There are lot of same title…why only my gig denied ?and i used this title for 1400+ feedback


Your gig URL was

Could it have been anything to do with changing the gig from what it originally offered? Or perhaps Powtoon didn’t like it?


@shaunacardwell really so many thanks for your valuable information you provided here. But one question- Suppose i bought a element/stuff from a third party market place to use in fiverr and I also have the license for the purchased stuff, but how can I let the fiverr safety team know that I have license while creating a gig for images or videos? Please help me giving this potential reply. Thanks a lot


@fonthaunt If I have a license for a stuff bought from third party market place for using in fiverr suppose, image, video, template etc, Actually how do i let the fiverr safety team know that I have a license for the stuff while creating a new gig or existing one? Please reply me giving your valuable suggestion.
Thanks a lot


I surly is. With 20 characters that is.


As I said in my earlier reply, you are the one the cops pulled over out of all the other people speeding.
At the moment you updated your gig image you went straight into the net.
The others will follow at a certain time. Not that you will have any advantage of it.


Just have the document with the usage rights ready in case there are any questions or complains. That’s all there is.


So If I show them the license of the stuff i am using in fiverr, will they retain my denied gig though?
And if any gigs of mine is denied by fiverr safety team then will I have to send them the license number of the stuff?


Why don’t you just ask CS? It would be a lot better than getting hearsay and opinion on here. :wink: