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My March Courses on Fiverr

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well.

In March I have done 3 courses offered by Fiverr. They are all free. All of them are really informative and effective. They are full of examples that you can easily relate to. I hope to get more orders and apply those lessons that I have learnt in my courses in my work.

Name of the Courses

1.Brand Strategy and Design for Small Businesses
2. Social Media Content Strategy
3. Build a Professional Website with

Thank you so much Fiverr for all the support in this time of crisis.

Take care everyone.


Congratulations on finishing the courses. Those are really well curated and informative. Though I liked the first one most.

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Yes, the instructor and the materials were amazing.It was full of examples.
I am planning to do a few more courses in the next month in sha Allah.:blush:

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You can do the free course that is available in Fiverr learn, if you didn’t do that already. Wish you all the best

I am done with the free courses Alhamdulilah. Never imganied I would get them for free.

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That is so great. Also, you have an impressive Fiverr Forum Profile.

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Thanks.:slight_smile:It’s only 4 months that I have joined Fiverr. Today is my 75th day in forum.
I am learning a lot each day. Alhamdulilah.:innocent: