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My Media Will Never be Approved

So I uploaded my media a month ago for three different gigs.
For the first gig the media was approved the next day, for the other 2 I waited a week.
After a week I took it down and re-uploaded, I’ve done this before to some success.
After that I waited a couple weeks with no luck. So I messaged support asking for help.
They replied asking for my username and email address…
I tried to reply using the link in the email but it was broken…
So I sent a new complaint. It’s been more than a week and it hasn’t been replied to.

Shall I send a third message to support? Feeling a little screwed over.
Meanwhile my existing media sucks. I uploaded it before I knew what I was doing, but now I’m stuck with it driving away business while Fiverr refuses to check and approve my new media. Whyyyyyyy

You can try making new gigs and possibly using some pictures to get started while you wait on the others. Since you aren’t getting anywhere so far, make new gigs. If by media you mean videos, just use some pictures instead.

When something doesn’t work try something else.

I definitely won’t be making new gigs as the current ones have several positive reviews and I wouldn’t like to waste them. Like I said they’re not the first media I’m uploading to the gig, they’re replacement ones because my old media has aged badly over time. They’re voice recordings because I’m a voice artist. Kind of essential.

Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that positive reviews carry over to new gigs.

@davidstrongvo :robot: I think you have both a gig rating and an overall average rating. So while the total rating would be unaffected, the new gig wouldn’t have any ratings yet. Which I get, it seems like overcoming the inertia is tricky.