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My Message being reviewed by Trust and Safety Team

Hello to all a message of mine was flagged by the T&S team and i’am just i will get some trouble?
So the buyer ask me for a service and i tell him the price and then she told me “Dont have any money. Guy. Trying to get the 150 back gracious”
because she order something from someone outside fiverr and scam her

i ask her " you paie them using papal?

she answer : yes

and then i answer with the message flagged :

just open dispute on ppal and your mney will be refunded "

( i writed ppal and mney because when i write paypal like that a message show that is not allow to demand outside payment, and for that i write ppal and we didnt speak about outside payment"

the fiverr T and S team will see the whole conversation to understand the situation? i have all positive reviews on my account, and the opposit i make advertising on facebook ADS to get some customer to buy my gig in fiverr.

please what can i do?

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Wow. Just … Wow.

You told the buyer how to scam you … order, then chargeback.

Yes it’s likely you’ll get a warning at the very least.

you didnt understand i think?

she tell me that she get scamed by someone, outside fiverr she buy a software.

and i just advice her, to contact paypal for a refund? what wrong here?

You did appear to mean well but at the same time, this is a bugbear for Fiverr, etc in that some scabby people have worked out that you can get your job done then change back on PP and get away with it. this leaves the worksite in the lurch as they can’t push that back to anyone.

Be careful that many scammers have learned to rely on the helpful gene and start their con with stories of woe like being scammed by someone else so you the seller, esp if a man and they appear female, will jump into help/protect mode where they can tip your into sucker mode really easily.


Thank you for your advice sir, but i know this customer i know it from a facebook group and she buy from me my gig that cost 150usd
and you think that they give me a warning or banned for that?

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Hey there. I honestly don’t think that you’ll get any trouble. You’re doing nothing wrong. I get this message about 1-3 times a day and nothing ever happened. Usually this turns up when I tell people about Fiverr’s TOS and that I can’t communicate outside of Fiverr if it’s not necessary for the job, etc. If it troubles you too much, you can still ask the support. My experience with them was very good actually.

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@patrick_klein Thank you sir, also when someone ask for my email, i tell them that we are not able to exchange our personal information due to fiverr’s TOS.
if never my account was warning its a good idea to contact the support and explain to them my situation?

No problem. I mean you don’t need to contact them since you’re doing nothing wrong, but if you are too insecure about it, go ahead. It’s better to ask them than to worry too long about it.

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