My message box got bugs


It suddenly happened while I was checking my inbox. A notification from fiverr sent to my e-mail so I went to to-do list to check how many messages are awaiting (There are 3 unread messages alert). I found that after I clicked on respond button and it normally brought me to unread message page but nothing showed up, it was like there’s no new message for me even if I checked it through my inbox there’s still nothing new for me.

The only way I can check new coming messages is to check it directly from my e-mail.

How do I fix this? Is this a bug or something?


Please help me fix this problem ASAP, I would lost my customer without the message.


They are just normal messages nothing violated TOS.

I just can’t see anything new in my inbox even if the notification comes to my e-mail.


Thanks everyone for your kindly reply.

I have contacted the Customer Support and now I’m waiting for their replies.


This is a known bug, happens with my account all the time :-w . CS fixes every time but its probably not fixable. I just wait for a while and they appear. Although non of them have trigger words or anything against TOS. CS told me that there is a delay between Email notification and the notification actually appearing in your to-do. I’ve lost 3 buyers who ordered my competitors gig because I failed to reply on time/Message was recieved late. :-L ~X(