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My message is being reviewed by TOS

Hello. So a buyer wanted to send me a few files in the inbox for a project that he wanted me to work on.
He asked me if I have an email?
I told him: “Fiverr does not like having conversations outside of Fiverr. You want to send me the files on the email?”

And this message was not sent cause Fiverr was reviewing that for TOS violation.

I formulated that reply differently without the word email: “I sent you a message but apparently the message is reviewed by Fiverr. Fiverr does not like contacting outside of fiverr”

And that was also reviewed for a TOS violation but after like a minute it was sent to the buyer. The first message is still being reviewed and 3 hours have passed since I sent it.

This has happened to me a few other times but after like a minute the messages were sent to the buyer.

I am really scared that they might disable my account but I didn’t do anything wrong.


If you did nothing wrong don’t worry about it. That warning pops up when you use a “bad” word so it’s not good to ignore that.


No I did not do anything wrong. I advised the buyer to send me the files on fiverr and he did eventually.

You used “email” and “contacting outside of Fiverr.”

Best just to say “That is against the Terms of Service so you need to send the files on Fiverr.”

As @misscrystal said if you did nothing wrong don’t worry about it.