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My message marked as spam

Hello everyone.
This is the second time,
I sent a message to a seller on fiver and fiver marked message as spam.
I don’t know why.
I contacted him for project, I sent this message “hy, this is sajid”
and the message got blocked, marked as spam.
Last time fiver sent me TOS notice and the reason was same,
now I am going to be level 1 seller tomorrow, what about this one?
Kindly check my inbox and review it. I don’t want another warning.


hy, this is sajid

If that’s all you said, I’d assume it was spam as well. Wouldn’t block you immediately, but it does look a little strange to only say that.

I contacted him for project

As in you wanted to buy something from them? Could message CS and clarify that’s all you were doing I suppose.

Kindly check my inbox and review it. I don’t want another warning.

We aren’t customer support - we’re all just sellers and buyers here. If you want to talk to CS about the warning, you’ll need to submit a ticket here:

Edit: And yes, you will probably miss out on getting level 1 because of this. It’s an automated process, so you might just have to wait another month.


I agree, if you only sent “hy, this is sajid” and nothing else I would immediately be assuming this will be a Spammer (esp seeing what you said here is sorely misspelled)

If you want to contact anyone directly then you need to have a good explanation for that contact right there in that first message or you look like a spammer. This is professionalism 101.


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Are you contacting buyers to sell your services to them? This would be an immediate ‘block’ as you cannot do that!

Sellers are NOT allowed to sell to other sellers. It not only make them angry, but it is not done.

If you are wanting a job done, for example you need to buy a service, be careful as to how you approach someone. Have you wording right!

Calling someone ‘Hello Dear’ is NOT allowed. This is just one small example.

Also if you need a job done, give this in your first message. 'Good day, I am needing a business card made…

I am not contacting someone to sell my service… You are wrong dear :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You should try to send out complete messages, as the system may be automatically flagging them as spam.


If that’s the case, after introducing yourself, tell the seller exactly what you need from them. In the same message. Otherwise it does look like spam.