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My message to a buyer was flagged?!


ive been a member of Fiverr for a while but I am only actively using it now.

I sent a file to a buyer with 3 initial design options (as described in my gig and as I always work when freelancing before sending final vector and source files) and I got a notification to say the project had been “delivered”,i panicked and thought that this would mean I wouldlnt be able to send her the extra files she requested (once again i am new to this) so i offered to send anything else via my email for freelance design (as I usually work) but as it was outside of fiverr.I forgot that this is against the Terms and Conditions of fiverr. i didn’t send her my email or any personal details, I just said that if she wanted I could email her extra files as required and I am now concerned she thinks I’m some sort of internet deviant.

will my buyer be notified of this? I am quite upset as I worked hard on this and had great communication with the buyer up until this point. I send her a further message just now explaining this situation and that I didn’t realise I could send any extra files on fiverr after the gig was up but this was also flagged!


You are not allowed to share any personal information and contact outside fiverr. You can send files when order is delivered


I don’t know if that’s the case for you but certain words like “Skype”, “email”, or “money” can lead to you being automatically flagged. I had a client asking me to work outside of Fiverr and both the clients and my messages were automatically reported and not visible to the other person. Then someone looked into our conversation and manually gave his “okay” for those messages to be displayed since I said no.

As for your extra images, when you go into the order conversation, there should still be the button to “Deliver again” on the top. So you can send your client the missing documents and explain that you didn’t know any better. Generally, you can also attach documents and images to the normal conversation between you and the client.

Good luck!


I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. I’m getting the feeling it doesn’t really matter what you do, it’s always the sellers’ fault anyways.
I’m at this point now where I contact customer support for anything like that. If you work on an order and the customer asks for your personal information or wants to pay you or work with you outside of Fiverr, I’d suggest telling him that it violates the terms of service and move on completing the order through Fiverr. If he stays persistent, I’d then send screenshots of the conversation to the customer support and ask them how to handle it. Just to be on the safest side possible.


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