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MY Message to other category sellers got blocked, why?

Hello, Hope you guys doing well, I need voiceovers for my video animations, and from last 2 days whenever i tried to message voiceover artist, to know about the more details or custom quote, the trust and safety team show my message as flagged and then after 24 hours, it show as blocked messages? why i can’t send message to voiceover artist to buy the voice, as i’m animator, i need voiceover services for my animations. I don’t think its Violation of their TOS. Anyone the reasons? please let me know how to solve it. It never happens in last 4 years of my fiverr career, but from just 2 days. Is there any specific reason?

Talk to CS - someone’s flagged your messages as spam.

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If someone flagged my message as spam, then all my message got blocked?

Yes. That’s the way it is.

Fiverr will solve this issue right? I’m afraid they don’t block my account.

You can only ask. Explain to CS just as you have here, attach screen shots of the message you sent.

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Got it, Thank you so much.

Sorry to hear this. I hope that cs gets it all sorted out for you.
I am a voice actress and would love to work with you in the future once this is all settled.