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My messages are marked as spam

Hi my name is Andi and I have a problem with my inbox messages, all of them are marked as spam and i cannot reach an agreement with the buyer, idk why is this happen but it happens a lot and if it’s a new buyer it also happen, like, I’m new at the page and one costumer wrote me for a project, but look what it happen


I think the mentioning of the word “project” trigger the system to review all your replies.

As it it is against Fiverr TOS to provide any kind of school project/assignment.

It makes no sense.

I type “money paypal email gmail project” in my messages and I get tiny grey warning bla bla bla on the bottom but since I know I am not violating any TOS I click send. And message goes through.

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Some words are already program on the system to be subjected to review by the mentioning of them even though you might not have the intention of breaking the rules.

But if you look, I didn’t say project in every message, messages with just a Hi are marked as spam ¿?

I think the first screenshot you sent contains the word “project”.

look at the second, with just a Hi messages, Hi is also marked as spam?

I think once your first message is being subjected to review by the support… any subsequent message won’t go through until the first message is clear…

That’s what I am thinking.

I would suggest you remove/replace the second image with cigarette as GIG image.

You have a typo in your description and description is not very clear. What kind of videos, in what format, what resolution?
You do not have a sample video either and for video selling sample video is recommended.
How did this buyer contact you? Was it from buyers request?