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My messages is being reviewed by Fiverr

My messages is being reviewed by Fiverr for 24 hours. If I violated Fiverrs ToS, will I get warned by Fiverr or get suspended instead?

Thank you


Depends on what is in those messages.


Hello! Thank you for replying. My client came from my instagram page, so that I asked him to just dm me instead. But we ended up not doing that, we making the order and discussing inside fiverr.

Hello acidsartwork! dealing on the other platforms using fiverr is against their terms and condition. you will get warning only not suspended but if you continue to repeat these mistakes you may be suspended.

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This part violate the TOS of Fiverr…Dont do that…Otherwise you could get Ban

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Yes it is my fault, but in the end we didn’t do that. Will I still get suspended?

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@digantasarkar01 Stop spamming the forum with “absolutely I agree” comments.

Posting on the forum will not get you sales or help your Fiverr account in any way.


Follow the rules like everyone else and you’ll be ok. :pineapple: