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My messages on orders disappear

Sometimes when I get an order I write a response, come back later and it’s gone.
It looks like I never answered the order.

Mine too and I am slightly annoyed, since I am waiting on buyer requirements. I was going to report it but than one of his messages magically appeared. There seems to be a delay. Are you having issues with your forum posts too?

Yes I am having issues with my forum posts. After I write the post, I then am flipped to a page that only shows the last post above mine and nothing else.

Have you tried to delete your Fiverr’s cookies in a browser and log on again?

I’ve been wondering why another client of mine has replied back asking me if one of my messages was for someone else… it looked as though he got one of my 2 messages I sent him … but obviously would ask that if he only got the tail end of those messages (the 2nd message only , as if message 1 disappeared for him)

These are messages containing no contact info or e mails or any other flag words… so I’m not sure whats going on.

I’ve also noticed my messages doing exactly what the OP posted, It will show that it posted on my screen but I’ll come back and its not there…

Could explain why my response rating keeps declining by 1% a day … and I know I’m answering everything that comes through…

I’m also having forum post problems… I’ll hit submit on this message and it will take me to the next page which shows only one post from this entire thread… and its not even the first or last message… it was Annai’s message last …

It’s a site bug.

Yes, this is a known bug and it’s happening to all forum users.

I am having problem sometimes with messages in inbox or order page.

When I write something, and hit “send” nothing happens. Message just disappear like nothing happens. It is really annoying when you write big message.
Now every time I want to reply, I need to copy whole message, just in case…

Also, same problem with forum post

Yes I have that too. Messages disappear when I hit send.

It is very weird and pretty annoying. Sometimes I don’t even notice that and later then I see that I didn’t replied to message, even I did…

The buyer never gets the message probably and it really makes a seller look as if they never answered. I get ready to deliver the order and then see all my messages are gone.

Also, if you are working on a deadline and you need to ask buyer something, you send a message and waiting reply. Next thing you notice is that you are waiting for nothing as you never asked buyer that.

Not sure why that is happening. And it is completely random bug.

Same problem and it makes the seller look unprofessional and possibly result in losing a buyer.

I am facing the issue that every message u sent gets dissappeared as soon as i press the back button. Please help…

Old post brought back from the dead. :woman_zombie: :coffin:

Start a fresh new thread!

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