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My messages to freelancers go to SPAM

Hello guys,

I got a problem as a client, that anytime I send messages to freelancers my message go to their SPAM ? why ? I have tried to contact a lot of freelancers because I need a lot of services, can this be the reason ?


from my experience you need to contact with seller via gig contact button , if you contact from profile contact button then maybe it will go on spam , don’t know why but i faced it in the past , when i contacted some seller . so try to contact via gig contact button :blush: hope it will help you

Hi, Ayonym
Maybe this is the reason. Pls try to do not sent bulk messages at a time. This is my opinion.

not contact their inbox directly.

If you’re sending a copy-pasted message to a lot of sellers within short time, then yes, it could be the reason.

Another reason could be if you’re sending them your email address or asking them to contact you outside of Fiverr.

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