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My messages to sellers not showing

I’m brand spanking new to fiverr. I was describing job detail to a seller about email. I saw the red warning text, but ignored it because I wasn’t providing an actual email, only discussing it and used the word “email” once.

Now my messages are not appearing at all, erased or deleted I don’t know.

I have submitted a ticket with support.

If I have lost the ability to communicate with sellers, I need a refund on the 2 gigs I purchased yesterday.

I had heard great things about fiverr, but this issue should be a non-issue.

Please tell me what to expect next, if this has happened to you.

Thank, Annie

Hi kjblynx,

Thank you so much! But I wonder how long it will take until I get my inbox back?

I guess I should cancel those orders otherwise the sellers for my active gigs will think I’m non-responsive.

Do you think that would be the right action to take in this case? Or wait it out?

Thanks again

As an update, I still feel like ranting…

But the good news first… One of my gigs for a logo came back delivered, without any extra communication needed. And I love it! I already have it up on my blog. It’s looks so cute it really made me happy.

The bad news is the other gig is trying to communicate with me on a more complex graphic banner. And he just delivered and there was no file. He asked me to please message him… for the 2ed time. He thinks I’m non-responsive. I didnt want to hit the “modification” button or anything in “resolution” center, because from what I read it could hurt his rating.

This whole issue just erks me. This is no way to run a business. For god sake I didnt even include an email in message, just the word “email”.

I’m sure I’m not the only newbie to fiverr that’d had this happen. It’s a shame they dont resolve this type of thing quicker. People have paid for services and then can’t communicate with the seller. It’s a feeling of being ripped-off. Thank god its only $5 but it’s the principle of the matter. And people spend more than $5 here.

I feel bad that I can’t communicate with the graphic artist that was working on my banner.

I guess I’m done, thanks for listening.