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My mobile app doesn't showing my gig video


I’ve uploaded my intro video for my gig profile. But the issue is on my android app, it’s not visible. How am I supposed to other peoples can see my video with there app. Am I did something wrong or is it a app bug?


First your gig video needs to be approved by Fiverr inorder to make it available in your gig. Have a look at your gig in the website if the video is available there. If it is not available- wait, it will automatically get approved(if there is no problem).

If it is available in the site, clear your Fiverr app local app data and cache, this should fix the issue. :slight_smile:


Thanks for your response but it didn’t work. On website everything is fine but in my mobile App that gig video isn’t available.


Uninstall the Fiverr app and install the latest version.