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My money cleared but I still can't connect my PayPal? Need help


So after waiting 14 days for my funds to clear, I logged into my account and seen that my funds had cleared and I could withdraw them. But when I attempted to click the PayPal button to connect my PayPal account to Fiverr, it did nothing. Even after several more tries, the same thing kept happening to me. I am not being allowed to connect my account so I can send my funds to my PayPal account and it’s very annoying. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong or what, but I was told that once the funds cleared I would be able to have access to withdraw my funds to my PayPal account and now it seems like it’s just not working. Can anyone help me with this situation?


Nevermind guys, just figured it out and resolved the problem myself :wink: :slight_smile: