My money has gone from my account but I dont have any gig


Hi guys, I tried to buy a gig in 2 days. I got error after payment checkout that like “Oh no… Please contactsupport…” Today I tried again and i got this error 2 times and I have not any gig. BUT my money has gone from my credit card. So what is that? I cant buy anything but fiverr can take my money. Nice job fiver… I am still waiting a response from contact team until 3 hours!


Think it´s a bug that occurs sometimes. I fear you can´t do more than wait for the reply from Customer Support, as far as I´m aware it says they work on tickets in the order they come in and that it can take up to 24 hours, though I think I usually got replies way before 24 hours, and they´ll surely sort this out for you. Good luck!


@Miiila is correct. You might have to wait more than 24 h since it’s the weekend. I am sure you will get this sorted out in no time. Best of luck. Oh and if you haven’t submitted a screenshot to your ticket, you might want to attach one as proof. It might help speed up the process.