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My money not refunded

Hi fiverr users,
It is a very confusing issue for me. I had an account on fiverr which i used for long time recently I ordered a gig and the seller was just trying to scam me and asking to complete the order then she will send the final delivery, As an old fiverr user I understood what’s going on and asked her to cancel the order and she agreed to cancel. But right after that money credited in my fiverr balance. I ordered an other gig with same niche, but the seller was not able to deliver what i was asking for, So i opened dispute and deactivated my account, As i was getting uncomfortable. I thought fiverr would refund me the money. But sadly its 4th day and I still have not recieved any refund. I contacted CS 2 times, but still no response. Can someone help me please how i can solve this problem. And if i open a dispute on paypal, Will i be able to get my money? Please help me as i have to spend that money for the upcoming project!

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Did you deactivate your account or just logged out? If you deactivated your account, it means you are no longer a Fiverr user. How can they refund you if you are not there?