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My Money Vanished?


So i purchased something couple of weeks back but then i decided to cancel and i had $70 dollars in my Fiverr account. This morning im at $-5.00.

I look at my balance history too see what happened… Nothing…
I looked thru my email and again nothing…

Whats going on? Where did the $75.00 go?
How the heck do i owe $5.00 out of no where.
I contacted support and they are not responding.


They usually response within 24-48 hours. Hope you get your money back.


I’m pretty sure it’s the transaction fee? They have probably issued a refund and the money went back to your PayPal or credit/debit card, except the transaction fee, as they don’t refund that of course.


It’s not :frowning:
Haven’t received anything via Paypal or Debit Card.


Don’t need to worry Fiverr will reply you as soon as possible. For instance you can tweet them with your reference ID, so they will reply you more soon.


Still no response…

Fiverr… wheres my money…


Hi Lia,
How long has it been since you contacted Customer Support?