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My money was stolen

I had hired someone to get me facebook likes… And his comments stated that the facebook likes are real… But it was not… I lost all my likes and my money in less than two days… What a scam… is there anyway I can get my money back? and if so, how can I… The user deleted his account so I can’t contact him!! HELP ME

You should contact Customer Support. Be sure to provide your username, describe the situation in detail, and attach any relevant screenshots.


Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll be able to get your money back. You bought fake likes which is not allowed on facebook. Take this as a lesson, and don’t buy “likes” again. Try to promote the page yourself.


I don’t know what is allowed and what is not allowed from Facebook or … - I just guess that if they are advertised to a so popular site they are legal, and so a buyers money are safe to buy. If what Razvan1 is saying is true then all this is a big SCAM for stealing peoples money.

I have the same issue. I made sure to clearly state BEFORE i submit any information exactly what i am expecting and if they cannot deliver than i explain that I WILL cancel order… here is an example:

before you accept this gig, allow me to be perfectly clear… if these likes are NOT from profiles based from Atlanta, Georgia USA then do not accept this gig… i will ended up canceling the gig on my end… sorry, i keep ordering gigs and not being delivered what i pay for… to be clear, i am EXPECTING 100% followers from Facebook profiles based in or around Atlanta, Georgia USA…

on the allowed and not allowed topic… that shouldn’t matter, unless it is against the law for the transaction to occur, then any transaction on fiverr should be handled the same way. if the vendor FAILS to deliver a gig they are offering on fiverr as described, then fiverr should make its best efforts to honor its responsibility to maintain a fair market for both seller and buyers…

my 2 cents…