My morals are killing my cancellation rate!


I posted here before that I won’t repurpose someone’s work, because it’s copyright infringement. This is the third time I’ve had to cancel because someone did not tell me up front they wanted a rewrite (I don’t do rewrites anyway), and then sent me a link to someone else’s article. This one tried to be sneaky and send a doc into which he had copy/pasted the article, but I ran it through Copyscape and found it on an authority site. They knew it, too, or they wouldn’t have taken the trouble to copy and paste it into a document.

I guess what really bugs me is that someone here will do that in a heartbeat, not even ask any questions, while my cancellation rate just keeps on rising.

Being an honest person sometimes has its drawbacks.


It’s good you have a conscience, and try to protect other artists from theft. Not sure what to say, but feel it’s a shame you are penalized for doing so.


Would be nice if Fiverr had a policy in place for when buyers have too many cancellations, then they aren’t allowed to purchase for a certain period of time. Only thing is… Then Fiverr wouldn’t be making any money so i’m not sure it’s a road they want to head down…


I’d just like to know that they don’t just look at the overall cancellation rate, but at why the gig was cancelled when determining levels. I’ll probably be o.k. if I have no more cancellations before my 50 articles, but I’d hate to have to wait because of trying to be a good person and do what is right.