My most funny Inbox messages (100% weird)


No need to introduce anything here. I will just continue.


I’m contacting you because your profile seems confident enough to make new things.

I’m the hiring manager and would like to discuss details about a contract - part time job but leading to long-term relationship.

Let me know if you are interested in longterm opportunity job and fluent in verbal and written English.

Look forward to hearing you back.



The next day…

Thanks for your reply.
Glad hear that you are interested in working with us.
You will need to contact to ****** (our recruiter) on $kype (******) for more details.
He will explain details about our simple straight contract.
Hope we can get going well together.

Another one.

Me: Thanks. Let me know if you have any questions.

I get an answer:

Hey sure thing stud :slightly_smiling_face:

Lmao, stud!!
For anyone that does not know what a “stud” means, here it is:

  1. Stud, a male animal kept for breeding
  2. _lang for when someone is very attractive
    "Julian is the biggest stud there is!"

This one.

sorry brah i actually have not read it. am alittle busy

Me being a grammar cop, this kills me.

I had a few more than these, but I already deleted them.

One of them was just wow. I have a gig about helping people with relationships and stuff. I got an order, which I canceled of course, which is still my only 1 and only canceled order, and the guy asked me not for some relationship advice or tips for hooking up, but he straight went and asked me to find him a girl from my country, a friend of mine also works okay he said, a girl that’ll go with a complete stranger, with him, to Sri Lanka and Turkey. He wanted no prostitute, but a “young girl companion that’ll love me”. I couldn’t even believe my eyes. So he begged me. I ended up canceling the order.

I don’t want to be a douche or anything, but that’s how kidnappings and human trafficking happen. Going on a trip to a foreign land all the way across the world, and this through Fiverr, with an anonymous guy? Insane. That’s not even funny. And I hope someone won’t just go and agree to such requests because you could be putting someone else’s life in danger! Grave danger. And for what? For a few bucks.

And I have the regular cheesy video chat messages, that are not that interesting.


Just wanted to share since I see a lot of threads like that, with stories, etc.

Sorry Staff, if I’m in the wrong place posting this. Go ahead and move it if so.


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I would have reported this to customer support and they would have kicked him off the site.


I think I did that. I’m not sure if he “went off”. That was actually my very first order and I didn’t know how the platform worked, etc. So, to be excused, for not knowing. :upside_down_face:


I had to edit this message.


That’s truly creepy, that message.


You know what’s more creepy? I googled his name, his profile photo on the profile matches the photo I found on google. But he looks 20 years older. So something was really off on this one.

I tried to be professional and courteous and explain to him no one will go on a trip with a stranger, besides that’s not what the gig was about.

And even before that I remember me asking him if he wanted me to be his local guide or something. He said “No, I want you to find me a girl that’ll come with me” or something.

Super dark.


The least creepy thing I can think of is that he is just insane. I wonder how many people he asks that.



I reckon not many, since he’s living in Europe (his words). I don’t see many from around here that are actually living in Europe. And I’m not sure if you can search gigs by country location or something.


Somehow, people straight out of the Twilight Zone end up on Fiverr. lol. Anyhow, have you used the report button? If these people keep taking away your valuable time, it may hurt your business in the long run.


Please remove the links. It is against Fiverr Forum rules and could get you a :black_flag:! That is not a good thing.


Thanks. I removed it, @vickiespencer


Yupp. I think I’m using the report button. They get their accounts disabled. But I remember one guy, he kept sending me messages. Just some random stuff. Sometimes they slip thru I guess.


Yeah I also have one guy who sends me random messages. He bought from me once, but after that, it was all spam, haha. Maybe the fact that he’s bought before makes him harder to ban as a buyer.


I do believe that there’s people out there who would buy once or twice so they can use their real Agenda on sellers, not that it would work, but this doesn’t stop them from trying, right?


All the time! That’s half my sales.


Yeah! And I also can’t help but notice some people will try and make a quick money online with a website or something, and when it doesn’t happen – they don’t come back. They don’t need your services anymore. They paid $10 and their business idea failed, so they’re done.

Business takes years, takes so much energy, and money for advertisement.

I wish so much I had a seller or two that always keep coming back.