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My Most Popular Gig Disappeared...?

One of my gigs that sold weekly was a product reviewing gig. One random day, two weeks ago, it disappeared from my profile and gig list. I checked my suspended and deleted list, and it didn’t appear in either list. It really vanished from my account. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I didn’t think so at least. What could’ve caused the gig to vanish?

Did your gig contained the word “Amazon”? I lost my very popular “I will review an Amazon eBook for $5.” I think it was the word, Amazon says paid reviews are illegal, Fiverr doesn’t want to get sued so they remove gigs with that word.

You could log a ticket with support to find out the specifics but it does sound like it’s the Amazon issue. Here’s the general TOS to review.

Fiverr Customer Support

Fake reviews are not legal that’s why they remove them