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My most popular gig


Hi all,

this is my first post in the forum. I joined fiverr about 4 months back. Anyway I have earned much needed pocket money through my operations in fiverr. Just wanted to share my most popular gig which I used to get about 2 orders every day. Have a look.

However I recently suspended as I had to move out for a while. After I reactivated all my search rankings were gone. It could not be found even if I type the entire gig name in the search field. :frowning: I’m so sad about this. Fiverr support staff thinks I’m not driving enough traffic. Excuse me. This was the most ordered gig of mine. Now nowhere to be found. So how can I get traffic anyway?

Any ideas guys? pls


Facebook, LinkdIn, Tweeting or maybe ordering a gig that will work to promote your gig for a week or so to a new audience?

Asking for people to collect it. (I just did.) :slight_smile: There are lots of tips around the forum, browse around. Good luck!


Hey cranny, Thank you so much for the tips. Will try that out.


Hi, I see my rankings are coming up slowly. Although I did not do anything special. weird.