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My most selling gig, suddenly removed... why?

My most selling gig, 2 sales :stuck_out_tongue: (so popular), got removed within the last hour… I am very sad, it was gaining popularity… plus I had just sent the completed order to a person… It never got accepted… even more sad now… kind of discouraged about doing any more gigs!

I think you should contact support and ask why it was removed. Maybe then you can put it back with some small changes

What most likely happened is that the gig broke the Fiverr Terms of Service. When we create gigs, they’re initially screened by software that catches the most blatant rule-breakers. After that, it usually continues being active until or unless someone reports it to customer support and the Fiverr editors, who then personally review the gig and determine whether or not there’s a problem. Sometimes gigs are up for many months before being taken down. Some common reasons: mentioning money or funds in the title or gig description, asking for or giving out personal contact information, offering a service or product that breaks the terms of use of another website (this is typical of most traffic-selling gigs), possible copyright infringement or legal issues.

I notice one of your gigs is to ‚Äúcall anyone‚ÄĚ, and that requires obtaining a contact number (I presume you mean you Skype them, or similar?). Unless you contact CS FIRST to obtain permission, that gig is breaking the TOS.

You don’t mention what your gig was that got deleted, but you can contact CS and ask what is the reason your gig was cancelled, but in all honesty, they are usually extremely busy, so you may not get a highly specific response, meaning you’ll need to figure it out yourself and make changes.