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My Most selling gigs are removing by Fiverr

I am level 2 Seller and working since 2 years. One of my gig was removed by Fiverr a week ago. I contacted with Fiverr CS by they said they are not able to restore it. Then i said this is not fair that my gig had around 40 reviews and you have removed it without any warning then they suddenly removed my other 4 working gigs. Two were most selling gigs and 2 are normal but working.

One of my big gig that had around 900 reviews with 100% rating and i am earning $1000 per month from a single gig and sometime more than it even i have already earned about $25000 in 1.5 years from this single gig.

I was doing very well but they said my gigs are not restartable. I assume that i have lost everything.

Even i always mentioned that fiverr gave me everything like new lifestyle and many other things that were my dreams but fiverr took it back. I am very disappointed.

Anyone here can help me out of this? I’d really appreciate it and thanks a lot in advance

Thank You
Best Regards

I got some case with you.

Today fiverr remove myy most selling gigs to without any warning before.

I have to contacting CS to get the reason why they remove my gig but they just said that my gig was violate the TOS without any specific reason.