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My mother got surgery and I messed up on fiverr

I’m just ranting here, cause I didn’t know anywhere else to say this.
Recently my mother got sick with breast tumor FOR THE SECOND TIME. She had to do surgery and I choose to stay near her. Meanwhile I had 3 orders. Been extra late on them, too stressed to even f**ing work and got some late answering and orders that I know will do bad to my rank during all my selling here. Thanks fiverr.
Also considering leaving fiverr for now with all this stress it’s causing me.

If you wish give me any opinion you got and what I might do.

You don’t have any bad reviews. You are on vacation mode. I see nothing to worry about. I hope things turn out well for your mother!

Thanks. The problem is that my cancelation % is rising and my late deliveries % is rising too. These things will definitely do bad for my gig’s rank. As they rank lower, less succes there will be on my side.
And I’m really too tired and stressed to work on my 3 pending orders. Got 2 really good long-time costumers waiting a long time for my delivery.

My ‘delivery on time’ stat is currently at 23%.

2 days ago I scored 20 orders.

Don’t worry too much about it.

Thanks. What about the canceled orders rate?

20% of orders are cancelled over about 2,500 orders.

And you were saying it’s over. See what happens if you hang in there? Life is full of surprises!

Hi, take care of your mother, don’t worry about anything else.

Hi really sorry to hear about your mom, hope she gets better soon!
Bottom line is that the cancellation thing does not effect anything all that much from what I have heard. You are going through a lot, so honestly if you don’t have it in you to complete your pending orders, then just cancel them and explain to the buyers what the situation is. Then when you are ready to start working again, you can start from scratch.

I have been in a similarish situation to you: my partner had cancer and had to go for chemotherapy. We live in a village, and the hospital is about 50km (30m-ish) from where we are. The chemo was over a few days every few weeks (I can’t recall now, it was a few years ago–he’s fine now!), and I wanted to be close to him to give that extra moral support, run errands and blah blah blah.

It was pretty tough. I didn’t close down my work (this was pre-Fiverr, mind, but I would do the same now) but what I did was that I made a very firm, set period of time to do work. Say 2 hours from x to y. Nothing was to disturb me from this unless it was my partner.

I know the biggest problem is focus, because you’re worrying about 1001 things and you really don’t care about some cheap client wanting a trivial revision. It’s OK to get a punchbag or scream. Once you’re done letting the emotion out, just sort of relax. For me it was closing my eyes and listening to classical music and thinking about good times. It’s also very therapeutic to talk to (mom/sufferer) about good times past. Laugh. It’ll put you back in a good mood, and no matter how sick your mom is, she wants you to do well in life and work.

It’s sometimes said that a serious illness takes down than the afflicted–it’s one good reason many underplay their own pains (“oh, I wouldn’t want x to worry about me too much”). It’s not modesty or politeness, it’s human nature. You can care and have your own life too. There is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about that. A sick person may lash out if they feel neglected (illness is lonely, after all), but remember that they feel shit and as any doctor will tell you, “if they’ve got the energy to complain, they’re alright!”–perhaps a little black, but from my own experience entirely true! As the old adage goes–it’s the quiet ones you should worry about. My point here is mainly that you need to be who you are through this whole process and not let it drag you down. Your Mom wants to see you being happy, cheerful and successful. Just one boast about how you nailed a $100 order will make her even happier than you can imagine.

I know it’s not much. Don’t fret too much about the Fiverr system. Use the tactics above (if you think they will work for you!) to complete your outstanding gigs and then go/stay on vacation so you can put your energy where you really want it to be.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. Work should take a backburner here if you can afford it. If you can’t afford it, then you need to work out a good strategy that doesn’t stress you out too much. My best wishes to you both.

Wow…and some people call you a forum bully.

Your partner’s doing well now?

Oh, I got the answer! Awesome!

Those orders came from me complaining on Reddit. My gig received about 400 views that day.

Yes, and those people often resort to using words like “nazi” and the dread c-word. I say it adds to the gaiety of nations.My mother strongly disapproves of this aspect of my personality, needless to say :wink:

Oh? hmm

Just because someone sounds like a bully it doesn´t mean he/she does not have a good heart. After all, we don´t know anyone here in person (well, I reckon so and at least from my end I don´t know anyone here in person).

I hope your mom gets well soon.

That’s exactly what I mean…I was critical of the people who call her a bully, not of Emmaki. At least that’s what I meant.

@writer99025 I knew what you meant. Well, I have read Emmaki´s comments and they are usually funny. The problem is, some people don´t get her jokes and got offended. But there are different types of jokes anyway and some people get different jokes while they find it hard to get other types of jokes :slight_smile: PS: I personally don´t like it when people call names to other people. But some people are like that when they are desperate and stuck in an argument or discussion.