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My mother got surgery and I messed up on fiverr

perhaps I should b doing the same lol

Thank you. That really helped me pick a way to deal with this.

Oh mother comes first. Everything else in the world is secondary. I hope she gets well soon and you come back on track. Until then, I would suggest that if you have any pending gigs, you either cancel them or complete them asap and then take that vacation time and spend it with your mom.

You don’t have any negative reviews. Did fiverr remove them?

@writer99025 and who are these people specifically?

@alex_brown_ Am really sorry about your mom. I hope she will feel well soon.

I was not referring to you.

They say take Fiverr anywhere. Right! I want to take Emmaki’s piece outside. I want the share option.

When you were a toddler, you wanted to learn, “How to walk instead of crawling?” You fell for a few times… you stood up and started trying again. Eventually, you learned… Then you wanted to run… you kept on trying until, finally after 1 year you started running…

Remember, How hard it was for us when we started memorizing Alphabets. It was hard for us to spell our names. After some time, it all became really simple and silly.

That’s nature telling you that if you keep on doing what you are doing, you will definitely become successful.

Believe me, dreams come true. :slight_smile:

Take care of your mother. You can always make money. Make sure that stay with her when she needs you the most.