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My Multi-Fiverr Collaboration

Here is the widescreen version of a recent “spec” Vine video I did for KLONDIKE BAR.

It features the amazing voice talents of Fiverrers - @chrishardy as the Salmon, @matthewwade as the Polar Bear and @linneas88 as the KLONDIKE spokesperson.




LOL, very cool! Thanks for sharing!

that is cool, I’m just surprised the Klondike Bar company is getting stuff done on Fiverr, but looks really good.

@sincere18 - Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Special thanks to @chrishardy as the Salmon, @matthewwade as the Polar Bear and @linneas88 as the KLONDIKE spokesperson for a GREAT COLLABORATION!!!

Reply to @sincere18: I only did this as a “spec” KLONDIKE BAR spot for my animation demo reel to propose working for them for real but I would not put it past any company to take advantage of the far below real advertising market prices here on Fiverr to find new talent.

Reply to @anigrams: oh, so they didn’t actually hire you, you just did a spec for your reel…don’t you think there is an issue using copyrighted logo stuff?

Reply to @sincere18: Not an issue when is just for a demo reel. I’ve been doing spec spots going all the way back to film school and that was 30 years ago.

Reply to @anigrams: well, I disagree a bit, even if you have been doing it. Using it to create a demo reel for a commercial site like this where it is implied that it is your actual work is different than if you were in film school just making stuff up for homework. Just even downloading and using their logo in general, you don’t have copyright permission to use it. You wouldn’t need to if you were just showing it to your teachers or something, but to make sales, that’s a bit more commercial, that’s all I was saying. But whatever works for you.

Reply to @sincere18:

Then we shall agree to disagree. Spec work is a very common practice in the film/commercial industry. In fact many spec projects eventually get picked up and purchased by the real companies who like the concept. If you ever worked in the business you would already know that.

BTW - It is not “implied” in any way, this is my actual work whether I was paid to do it or not. This is a KLONDIKE BAR spot albeit a spec spot.

Many big companies sponsor contests for people like me to create spec spots that they can then buy the rights to use. I currently have two spec spots using Fiverr artists and VO peeps in a FRANK’S REDHOT Sauce #IPTSOE contest as we speak. Check them out and VOTE for them if you like. They are “real” spots even if FRANK’S does not eventually award or purchase them.

BTW - This KLONDIKE BAR spot is not currently on my demo reel for this site. I was just sharing it here to give credit to the Great Fiverr VO artists who contributed.

I WILL continue to stick with what works for me simply because that is the way it works in the REAL WORLD.


Reply to @anigrams: thanks for sharing, continued good luck to you.